live to tell

by themachinegoeson
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live to tell

The secret that I hide, will I grow oldHow will they hearWhen will they learnHow will they know

Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it wellI was not ready for the fallToo blind to see the writing on the wallA man can tell a thousand liesI've learned my lesson wellHope I live to tellThe secret I have learned, 'till thenIt will burn inside of meI know where beauty livesI've seen it once, I know the warm she givesThe light that you could never seeIt shines inside, you can't take that from meThe truth is never far behindYou kept it hidden wellIf I live to tellThe secret I knew thenWill I ever have the chance againIf I ran away, I'd never have the strengthTo go very farHow would they hear the beating of my heartWill it grow coldThe secret that I hide, will I grow oldHow will they hearWhen will they learnHow will they knowMadonna Live To Tell







Once upon a time, there lived a farmer with lots of horses.His life was quite plain, he wasn’t rich , but he really liked looking after his horses.He fed them and he took them to the spring where they could drink fresh water.His name was ChreateOne day a new horse came to the farm. It was quite strange, certainly very beautiful, with a long mane and he could run very fast. Actually, it was the fastest of all. Its name was Learnie.But he didn’t seem to like the farmer or the other horses very much. He always kept apart, running alone and refusing to drink at the spring.Chreate was worried because Learnie got weaker and weaker.He tried other springs, but in vain.Learnie didn’t want to drink.Chreate took Learnie to new rivers, where the water was clear and blue.Still Learnie wouldn’t drink.Chreate brought him water inside colourful buckets, but it was useless.Then, he thought about sprinkling him with water , but Learnie was determined not to drink and kept its mouth tightly closed.He even thought about making him drink while he was asleep, but Learnie was very foxy.He also injected water into its mouth, but Learnie spat it out.One day, he went for a walk with him ( Learnie was weak and they were walking very slowly) and he said to him:- Ok, Learnie. I’ve tried everything on my part, but now I’ll give up, as I can do no more.. The fact is I can bring you to the water but I can’t make you drink, if you don’t want to. . It’s up to you now.. You are free to choose.- And he let it go, but he had a feeling that it would understand the message. After all, it was a clever horse…..


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