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Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

Little Women

Haein Kim

Setting Little Women takes place in New England. It is during and after the Civil War, roughly 1861-1876

Characters The main characters in Little Women are Beth, Amy, Jo, and Meg March. The supporting characters are Laurie, Mr. Laurence, Mr. March, Mr. Brookes, Professor Bhaer, and Mrs. March.

Summary The March sisters are sisters that live during the Civil War. Their father has gone off to serve for their country and they have to live without him for a year. The March family is a very generous and giving. Whenever they have anything to spare, they give it tp those who need it most. During the book, they meet their neighbors, Mr. Laurence and his grandson, Laurie. Laurie becomes a great friend to the March sisters, especially Jo. Mr. Laurence helps the family get through the hard times and especially takes a liking to Beth. After, they meet Laurie's tutor, Mr. Brookes. Mr. Brookes also proves a great friend. Their father comes back after a year right in time for christmas and Meg gets engaged to Mr. Brookes. After a while, Laurie proposes to Jo but Jo turns him down, leaving Laurie heartbroken but Laurie gets over it and proposes to Amy instead not long after and Amy says yes and they get married soon after that. That leaves Jo and Beth but Jo goes away to New York City to pursue her dream of being a writer. There, she meets Professor Bhaer who helps her become a writer. Jo starts writing books and newspaper stories. but later, she feels homesick so she goes back home. When Jo gets back, her beloved sister Beth, becomes sick. Jo tends to Beth until she dies, leaving the whole family heartbroken. But Professor Bhaer (Frederick) comes to stay with Jo to ease the pain and on the last day of his stay, he proposes. Later, their Great Aunt March dies. and Jo moves into her estate with Frederick and turns it into a school for boys. Laurie and Amy have happy lives with eachother. Meg and Mr. Brookes also live long happy lives with eachother. Little Women is a heartwarmiing tale full of love and tragedy. It tells the story of four girls that tried to find hope and happiness to fufill their lives. It's a story about the decisions that make up your life, no matter how much you want to avoid them.

Historical Context Little Women is considered Historical Fiction because it takes place during the Civil War which was a war fought in America, the North against the South, because of slavery. The North was fighting against slavery while the South was fighting for slavery. Their father goes off to serve for the North (his side) which is what most men had to do during that time period. Also, many things that they did in the book, such as the party that Meg and Jo went to were based on real historical facts. Not only that, but it was very historically based on what they wore, and what kind of things that America was going through at that time such as the people with Scarlet Fever.

Thoughts on the Book I enjoyed Little Women though I thought it lacked some detail and I also thought that it wouldn't have hurt to add some more to the opinions of the characters when it was needed. It was very realistic but I thought that it should have been a little more thorough in the personalities of some of the characters. Sometimes, the book just left me hanging and it didn't explain some of the information that the readers just needed to know. I thought that in some chapters, the detail was just fantastic, but in others, it just wasn't as good. The characters were just what you would imagine a family to be. The characters just didn't take many risks which I thought would have added so much to the book. Overall, it was an okay book that just lacked some detail.

Quotes"Work is wholesome, and there is plenty to for everyone. It keeps us from ennui and mischief, is good for health and spirits, and gives us a sense of power and independence better than money or fashion" - Mrs. March, Chapter 11."I don't want a wedding, but only those about me whom I love, and to them, I wish to look and be my familiar self." -Meg, Chapter 25."People don't have fortunes left them in that style nowadays, men have to work and women have to marry for money. It's a dreadfully unjust world." -Meg, Chapter 9.

New England

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