Little Women in Big Cell

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Cell Biology

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Little Women in Big Cell

Little Women in a Big Cell

Based on Little Women

Cell MembraneDefinition: The cell membrane controls what comes in and out of the cell. Beth is the cell membrane because she maintains the family balance.



Professor Bhaer


Interesting facts about the chloroplast: 1. They have a double membrane.2. Chloroplasts can come in all sorts of shapes.Interesting facts about the cytoplasm:1. In animal cells, the cytoplasm gives the cell its shape.2. Cytoplasm is good for conducting electricity.Interesting facts about the mitochondria:1. The inner section of the mitochondria is called the matrix.2. Cells that require a lot of energy to function will have a high number of mitochondria.Interesting facts about ribosomes: 1. Ribosomes are not surrounded by a protective membrane.2. The ribosome was discovered in 1974 by Albert Claude, Christian de Duve, and George Emil Palade.

Interesting facts about the nucleus: 1.The nuclear membrane joins up with the ER.2. Robert Brown was credited for discovering the nucleus in1831. Interesting facts about the cell wall:1. The fibers of the cell wall lie in different directions to add strength.2. It prevents the cell from bursting as it absorbs water .Interesting facts about the vacuole:1. The vacuole is often the largest organelle in the cell.2. The vacuoles of plant cells are much bigger then the ones in animal cells.



Daisy and Demi

Nucleus Definition: The central and most important part of a cell. Jo is the nucleus because she is the leader and main character. The other characters rely on her because of her great leadership.

Cell wallDefinition: The outer layer of the cell that gives mechanical support to the cell. Marmee is the cell wall because she holds the family together and supports them especially after their father dies.

ChloroplastDefinition: The chloroplast is where photosynthesis occurs.Meg would be the chloroplast because she is the homemaker and provides food for her family.

Vacuole Definition: It holds materials and waste, and functions to maintain the proper pressure in the cell. Laurie would be the vacuole because he absorbs the morals and values of the March sisters.

Mitochondria Definition: The mitochondria produces the cells energy. Amy is the mitochondria because she has a lot of energy and she is very spunky.

CytoplasmDefinition: A cytoplasm is a jelly-like fluid that fills a cell. It's present within the cell membrane. Professor Bhaer would be the cytoplasm because he protects Jo (nucleus).

RibosomesDefinition: Ribosomes are the proteins in the cell. Dasiy and Demi would be the ribosomes because they are twins so they share a bind (messenger to the DNA)



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