Little House in the Big Woods

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Little House in the Big Woods

Little House In the Big WoodsBy: Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Laura is a young girl who lives in the big woods of wiscosin . She lives in a small log cabin with her Ma ,Pa , sister Mary and baby carrie. She and Mary have to help her ma around the house ,while pa goes out and hunts and works in the feild .The family has to work together to keep every one feed .Fall is coming to an end so they bring all of the vegtables in side. Laura and Mary used to play out side in the sun but the weather drove the family in side. Pa goes out hunting and finds a bear , he tries to shoot it but he missed and it ran away in to the deep woods.Pa went to the town, that was far away, to gather supplies for the winter. The children stayed inside and helped ma bake and prepare for christmas .Christmas arrived and family came over and they played in the snow ,opened presents ,and had a large meal.The family left and the next sunday laura had a fit because she wanted to go play but it was sunday so she had to stay inside ,so pa told her a story about when he was a boy and she came around.One day Pa went to town and did not return at night.



The theme of the story is growing up in the pionier days and having to help out her family ,learning to live the way her family is used to living . Also it is a story about growing up and becoming more mature ,helpful and lady like.This book really shows how where and how you live effect you alot and it shows how growing up in the big woods of wisconsin effected laura.


Laura is the protaiganist , she is about 8 in the story she is adventuous she wants to help her family and loves to listen to pa play the fiddle.Mary is lauras sister she is sweet and helpful and wants to be a proper young lady .Pa is their Father and works hard to bring them food and he loves to play the fiddle and is very kind. Ma is their mother and takes care of them and teachs them how to be helpful . Baby Carrie is a small sweet baby who barely ever cries.There are many other charactors in the story but play only minor parts like Grandpa and grandma ,uncles,aunts and cousins.The antagonist is the weather because the weather is responsible fo all the hardships and work of laura and her family.

The story of the setting is the Big woods of Wisconsin.A little gray house made of logs with bigtrees every where.Town far away.Surrounding farm land ,with food a plenty and spac for Laura to play.

This book is an old book my mother loved when she was a child it is the first story in a seris called Little House on the Prairie.It has detailed picures in the book ocasionally. It is a quick read at only 238 pages.It is a great book to read if you are interested in the pioneer days.It is an old book but it is still a beloved book to many who read it .



Web sites to visit for more information about the book and laura .

Video reading of the first chapter


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