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Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Library is an interesting concept that began in 2009 as a tribute to Todd Bol’s mother, a former school teacher. He built a replica of a one room school house and filled it with books. He then placed it in his yard in Wisconsin with a sign that asked patrons to take a book, return a book.

What is it?

A Little Free Library is quite simply a little wooden box filled with books to create a free book exchange. Patrons are encouraged to take a book, leave a book to help keep the library active. These boxes can be decorated in anyway and then filled with as many books of any kind as one wishes. Once your library is registered it can be found on a location map at

"To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations."

Why ?

The goal was to build more than 2,510 libraries which would exceed the amount founded by Andrew Carnegie. As of the begining of 2015 there are over 25,000 registered Little Free Libraries all over the world.


In the West Gate Community in Cross Lanes, WV there is a Little Free Library at 5311 Pamela Circle. It is not currently on the national register and was simply a family project. The family in whose yard the box resides related that they had seen a Little Free Library much like it in another community and loved the idea so much they decided to make one of their own.

Little Free Libraries are a great way to improve literacy throughout your community. If you are a scout looking for your next project or a citizen who shares a love of reading with the rest of the world, there are many ways that you can contribute. First, you can build your own libray: You can get helpful tips from the QR code found on this page or search YouTube for videos also like the one on this page; you can use thier blue prints or design your own. If you are not a builder but still want to help, you have the choice to donate money to help others build one (this is a charitable donation, which means it's tax deductable as well) or you can doante books either to a Little Free Library near you or in bulk-they even send you a label to ship your books to them for free!

Video:How To Build One

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