Litter Prevention

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Litter Prevention

Places/Types of Litter Sources:1. Roadway Litter- tobacco products (cigarette butts), and paper and plastic waste. 2. Transition Points- These are the entrances to buildings, transportation and other public places where food wrapers, etc must be deposited outside.3. Littered Areas- Areas that are littered can make others think that it is ok for them to litter as well. We need to stop littering in the first place so more littering doesnt occurr. This why littering is a large problem.

Litter Percentages:1. Motorists Produce 52% of total litter.2. Pedestrians Produce 23% of litter.3. Improperly Covered Car Loads cause 16% of total litter. 4. The majority of litter in recreational areas is tobacco products

Place a trashcan outside of your house and place a sign on it saying "Put your trash here, don't litter!" and record how many pieces of trash is put in each day for a week.

Spend an hour to clean up a public area such as Town Fields, Tennis Courts, etc with a before and after picture. Have a parent sign a form stating that YOU cleaned this area. Create a log of how much trash you collected.

Let's Talk Numbers1. In the US, 3.9 million pounds of trash was cleaned up around coastlines and in the ocean.2. A balloon floating in sea water can last 12 months before it starts to deteriorate.3. With the 11 billion dollars in the US used to clean up litter in one year, you could build 352 schools.

Helping HandsKeep California Beautiful- Tony Hawk teamed up with this organization to help prevent littering in California. Every year they host a marathon and each runner has to pledge not to litter as they run. In the end the streets become cleaner than before the marathon started.MSPCA- An organization that helps animals, takes time to inform the public about ways to stop litter from hurting animals including recycling plastic bags.KAB- As you will see in the video, Keep America Beautiful, an organisation, has distributed pocket ash trays because their beaches were covered in cigarettes. After 1 month KAB employees found that the amount of cigarettes found on beaches had decreased by 50% in comparison to the previous month.

LITTER PREVENTIONBy Ari Chinoporos and Maddie Burns

Print out at least 10 signs or posters saying TOGETHER WE CAN REDUCE LITTER. Ask the managers of stores if you can post it in their store, such as Rancatore's. Take pictures of each poster you put up and bring a picture collage into class.


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