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RATIONALEThe study of literature focuses on the enjoyment and appreciation of reading that arises from discussion, debate and the challenge of exploring the meaning of literary texts. Students reflect on their interpretations and those of others.The study is based on the premise that meaning is derived from the relationship between the text, the context in which it was produced and the experience of life and literature the reader brings to the texts. Accordingly, the study encompasses texts that vary in form and range from past to contemporary social and cultural contexts. Students learn to understand that texts are constructions, to consider the complexity of language and to recognise the influence of context and form. The study of literature encourages independent and critical thinking in students' analytical and creative responses to texts, which will assist students in the workfoce and in future academic study.[VCE Study Design Literature VCAA 2006 - 2010 p. 7].As stated in the rationale students need to reflect on their own interpretations and those of others; they need to be involved in discussion, debate and the exploration of the meaning of texts. This is what this wikispace is all about. It is about providing a forum where students can explore the meaning of the texts they are studying in class and allow them the opportunity to express their interpretations of the work and allow for others to respond to these thus opening the lines of communication regarding texts. Hopefully, the literature community that is grown here will flourish and this will help students in the understaning of the texts and that of human experience.



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