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Language Arts

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January 18, 1985At 9:01 AM, a beautiful baby girl was born to two loving parents!

1989Started Preschool at a bilingual school.This is where I first started having insecurities. I felt great going into a class because I knew colors, numbers, letters, how to read and write, but when I got there the curriculium was both in English and Spanish. I never was taugh Spanish in my house and mostly all of the children in my class spoke it, so I, often, felt left out

1988Mom started having me read books. The first book I remember reading was " "Are You My Mother"


When I entered kindergarden, I felt like a big kid. I remember my teacher Mrs. Douglass, she was so great. She would make sure every kid was taken care of and understood what we were doing. I remember how she would always have us use pointers to follow along on the big books she read.

1994Around the 3rd and 4th grade, I noticed that reading words and number in the correct order was becoming harder and harder. I thought it was because I wasn't putting in enough effort so I forced myself to read aloud so I could improve. It still wasn't getting better so I told my mom I was having a problem. It never affected my grade because I put extra effort in my work. My mother started me at a place called Kumon so I could get tutored. After going there, I felt more comfortable.

1999I took my first honors English class. My teacher was Mr. Branch, he was a young teacher, nothing I was used to having and he opened my eyes to urban reads. I felt more diverse after his class.

2000Taking AP Bio with Mr. Coretz, I thought I was going to be a biologist because he made Bio fun. I passed the class with 106%. I always felt I struggled in Bio but not that year.

2003-04I grafuated from HS and was going into college. I had so much fun and me a lot of new people, this is one of the reasons why I was kicked out. I failed my classes and was told I couldn't retuen. I've never felt like such a loser

2009I wnt back to school, I went to Willow and only took two classes to start. I felt condifent and was got A's in both of my classes. The next semesters. I was taking a full schedule.

2014Senior Year... Struggling to stay focused.



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