Lithuanian traditional clothing

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Lithuanian traditional clothing

Samogitia's national costume

Female costume's peculiarities :1. White and red shawls.2. Loose, thin linen, white long-sleeved shirt.3. Woolen patterned short vest.4. Long-full striped and checked, pleated skirt.5. Striped, made from crossed material, loose aprons.6. Wooden clogs.7. Amber necklace.

Male costume's peculiatities :1. Dark or tall black hats.2. White, thin linen, long-sleeved shirt.3. Long, pleated suit.4. Loose, striped trousers.5. Wooden clogs, knee-high boots.6. Coroful, pattern belt.

Presentation made by: Marta, Erika, Edita, Inga.

Question :1.What kind of jewelry wear women ?2.What skirt wear women ?3.What trousers adoned men ?4.What suit wear men ?5.What shoes were women and male ?


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