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Chemical Elements

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Lithium is in the Alkali metal family. Other elements in it's group Sodium and Potassium. All elements in the group have low densities. Elements in this group also are very reactive. Lithium, reacts violently in water and quickly with air. This silvery looking metal is ductile, meaning it won't become brittle when deformed. Some compounds of Lithium are Lithium carbonate, Lithium stearate and Lithium hydroxide.

FACTSAtomic Mass: 6.94Density: 0.535Boiling Point: 1347 ºCMelting Point: 180.54 ºCPhase at room temperature: Solid

Lithiumby Preston Dankwah Per.5

Lithium was discovered by Johan August Arfvedson in 1817. He found it in a mineral called petalite. Previously it was found on a Swedish island by a brazilian man named Joze Bonifacio de Andralda. He did not analyse it like Arfvedson did. He understood that he had found a new akali metal that was very light.

Lithium is used in numerous ways its most common use is in batteries. Since Lithium has a low density it is used for rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, computers, and cameras. When mixed with aluminum it makes an alloy, which can be used in fuel tanks for space shuttles. This alloy is also commonly used in bicycle frames.

The name Lithium comes from the Greek word lithos which means stone.Lithium is the lightest metalLithium is the third element in on the periodic tableLithium is not found alone in nature.

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Some countries mine for this element. These countries are Chile, China, and Australia. They mine the element and get a compound which they can use electrolysis to isolate the Lithium. They melt or disolve it in water, then an electric current is passed through by using a rod.

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