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literture glog

Passing English 3 made my Literture class alot easier to write an essay. Literture helped me to see writing as a form of art to express ideas or emotions, and to understandmore in depth. Both English 3 and Literture has provided me with the ability to communicate through writing, and to decode others people work.






Before I became a 6th grader at Grant Middle School, the majority of the books I would read were picture books. Gradually, I started to read books with more words, and less pictures. Reading books without pictures helped me to better you my imagination to create my own visualization. I became more confident in my reading, and now longer restricted my read to lite reading. Regardless , I still aprecite books that offer depictions of the topic.

Passing English 3, Critical Thinking at Reedley college with a B letter grade was difficult to earn, but my hard work allowed me to get the grade. Real life topics like family, education, and wealth were very productive to work on, because they are topics that everyone is exposed to. English 3 helped me to better reason my opinions, and be ale to use relative information to support my arguments.

All Through Middle School I was learneing how to organize a five paragraph essay. Untill eighth grade did i feel that I knew the key elements in building a great essay. Specifically, i learned about the importance of a main idea, and how to use examples to llustrate my reasoning. Understanding how to organize a five page essay was before i made the transition of paragraph to page essays.

English as a second language in my household I believe possibly hindered my reading and writing abilities. I required addtional help with my reading comprehension and writing. If i recall corecetly being an English Language Learner, I had to take tests to reveal my reading and writing level. By 7th Grade I no longer had to take the ELL tests, because I showed proficiency in both reading and writing. No longer having to take ELL tests let me realize that I am just as smart as my classmates, and meant a big deal to me now and in the 7th grade.




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