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Literature Project

Meg Cabot

Mia Thermopolis is an ordinary girl living with her artist mom in New York. When her Grandmere arrrives from Genovia, a country in Europe where her Grandmere is queen, to give Mia princess lessons everything changes. By doing this she will be eventually prepared to take the crown as queen of Genovia. Yet till then Mia must juggle the life of being a teenage girl. While learning how to act like a princess and assume the role of Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo. Meg Cabot. (2000). The Princess Diaries. New York. Turtleback Books.

Jenny Greenlet has always been good at solving peoples problems. This made her the perfect person to be an advice columnist for the school newspaper. Will she take her own advice from the columns on relationships and love? Especially,when Luke Striker comes to her town to prepare for a role.Cabot, Meg. (2005) Teen Idol. New York.HarperTeen.

Have you ever wanted to be popular? That's what Stephanie Landry's dream come true would be in high school. She has been the least popular person in the class, but she wants to change that by getting in with the It crowd with the help of the book, How to Be Popular?. Her use of the book allows her access into high school popularity. However, like most popular kids the trick is not becoming popular, but being able to stay that way.Cabot, Meg. (2006). How to Be Popular?. New York, HarperTeen.

Samantha is an average high school girl living in Washington D.C. Until her life changes when she ditches her art class, and jumps on the back on a man trying to assassinate the President of the United States. This has her eating dinner at the white house, while being named the teen ambassador for the UN. During this time she starts up a friendship with the president's son, who she is having feelings for.Cabot, Meg. (2003). All-American Girl. New York. HarperTeen.

Jenny Honeychurch due to her chronic bouts of bad luck is known as Jinx. Due to the trouble she caused back home, Jinx is sent away by her parents to live with her sophisticated Aunt & Uncle in New York City. When Jinx's bad luck follows her it causes havoc in her cousin Tory's perfect life. The havoc is worse when her bad luck causes Tory's crush Zack to show interest in Jinx.Cabot, Meg. (2007). Jinx. New York. HarperTeen.

Jesse Mastriani is your typical Midwestern teen. That involves herself in extracurricular activities such as fist fights and detentions. Part of her would like to use her mom's perfect idea of having a daughter and be prom queen. However, the other part of her rather save the money that could be spent on prom to buy a Harley. Of course, her mom's dreams might become a reality when the popular crowd notices her. Of course, that only lasts till her talent that got her noticed causes her death.Cabot, Meg. (2007). When Lighting Strikes. New York. Simon Pulse.

Suze is a mediator, a person that is able to see dead people. This allows her to communicate what the dead has to say to the living. In fact, the dead will not leave her alone until she can help them with their unfinished business with the living. Their business she hopes will be taken care of before her move to California.Cabot, Meg. (2004). The Mediator: Shadowland. New York. HarperTeen.

Emerson Watts never wanted to go to the SoHo Stark Megastore grand opening. However, she needed to look out for her sister, who was going to the store to meet her celebrity crush Gabriel Luna. He would be there alongside the new Face of Stark, Nikki Howard a supermodel sensation. Who knew Emerson's life would be changed due to these events? Emerson never expected to leave her tomboy persona behind. Cabot, Meg. (2008). Airhead. New York. Point.

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