[2015] 4Megan: Literary Terms in Your Lie in April

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[2015] 4Megan: Literary Terms in Your Lie in April

Literary TermsPlot-What happens in the storyProtagonist-The main characterClimax-The moment of highest emotional intensityForshadowing-The use of clues that hint at important plot developments that are to follow the storySymbolism-The practice of using an object to represent itself as well as something broader than itselfConflict-The struggle between two opposing forcesSetting-Time and PlaceIrony-When the outcome of a situation is opposite of what the reader might have expectedTheme-The main idea of the storyFlashback-A scene that interrupts the present action to tell what happened at an earlier time

Literary Terms in "Your Lie in April"

Plot"Your Lie in April" is about the main character, Kousei Arima, trying to get over the loss of his mother who taught him piano. After the death of his mother, everytime he plays the piano, he is unable to hear the notes of the piano because his brain subconsciously tried to block those bad memories out. After he discovers this he decides to stop playing the piano and doesn't for two years. Later on he meets Kaori Miyazono, who conivinces him to be her accompany her while she plays violin, and later conivinces him to do an piano competition. Kousei soon falls in love with her. As the story continues, Kaori falls ill and Kousei trys to make every performance for her. She later dies and it is revealed that she also loved him too.

ProtagonistKousei Arima is considered a piano prodigy. His mother teaches him everything she knows but was very abusive and beat him everytime he made a mistake. His mother falls ill and he belieived that if he does well, mother will get better and tries to win many competitions for her. After she dies he feels guilty because he thinks that he didn't play good enough.

Kaori Miyazono first heard Kaori play piano at a young age aver since then she wanted him to be her accompianist. She is later diagnosed with a terminal illness and does everything to get Kaori to play with her. She is a very talented violinist and will sometimes play pieces how she want to play them and goes against the composer.

SymbolismIn "Your Lie In April" the black cat is a symbol for Kousei's guilt and saddess over the death of his mother. When he was younger he had a black cat that his mother abondoned after it scratched his hand. To him its a symbol that all good things can be taken away from him because in Japan, unlike America, black cats are considered a good omen.

ForeshadowingThe theme song alone foreshadows almost the entire plot of the show. In the theme, there are many shots of Kaori with her eyes closed and other shots of what appear to be heaven foreshadowing that she will die. Her eyes are only open when shis looking at Kousei,showing that she only has eyes for him.

ClimaxThe climax of the show is in Kousei's final performance. While he goes to his competition, Kaori gets surgery to help her live longer. While he plays he accends into a heaven like place and a spirit like figure of Kaori appears and plays violin with him. She then dies and it is implied that she dies during the operation.

IronyAn example of irony would be when you think that Kaori is going to live but then she doesn'tI am sad

SettingThe setting of "Your Lie in April" woud be in Japan around April 2011

ThemeThe theme of the show is that getting over losses is hard but make sure that you always remember that person nd how they impacted your life.

FlashbackAn example of a flashback would be memories of Kousei's mother teaching him how to play piano.

ConflictThe main conflict is Kousei trying to cope with the loss of his mother and to be able to play the piano again


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