Literary terms in studio Ghibli

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Literary terms in studio Ghibli

Literary termsin studio ghibli movies

1) plot - the sequence of events in a story2) protagonist - the central character in a literary work around whom the main conflict revolves3) climax - the point of highest emotional intensity in a plot4) Foreshadowing - use of clues that hint at important plot developments that are to follow in a story 5) Setting - the time and place of a story

6) Conflict - the struggle between two opposing forces7) Antagonist - a person or force that opposes the central character in a story8) Flashback - a scene that interupts the present action to tell what happened at an earlier time9) Point of view - vantage point from which the story is told10) Theme - the main idea of a story

The plot of "Grave of the Fireflys" is that when war breaks out in japan Seita and Setsuko must find somewhere to go, after being orphaned and leaving their unfair aunt, they live in a small shack by a lake until disease and poverty over comes the both of them

The climax of "My Neighbor Totoro" is when Mei runs away and its up to Satsuki to find her, with the help of totoro and the catbus

The protagonist of "Spirited Away" is Chihiro, a young girl put into the spirit world.

Foreshadowing in "My Neighbor Totoro" is when the family sees the camphor tree for the first time, when it turns out to be the home of Totoro

The antagonist of "Spirited Away" is Yubaba, an evil witch keeping Chihiro in the spirit world

the conflict of "Ponyo" is when ponyo releases magic into the ocean there is an imbalance in nature which causes the moon to get closer and tsunamis to overtake the city

The setting of "Ponyo" is modern day Kobe, Japan.

The theme of many Studio Ghibli movies is based on humans relationship with nature

The point of view of which "Grave of the Fireflys" is told is first person of Seita, the older brother

a flashback in "Grave of the Fireflys" is when the gaurd finds Seita dead in the trainstation in the begginging of the movie, there is a flashback sequence to which the plot of the movie starts.


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