Literary Elements

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Literary Elements

SettingThis refers to when and where a story takes place. (TIME & PLACE)What was the year, season, or time of the day? Which country, state, or city did it take place in? Were characters in a bedroom, car, meadow, store, etc?

Author: ..............................

Story Title: ...........................

Plot or Main EventsWhat happens in the story? What events drive the story forward?Expostition: Introduction of the story where all of the main characters, settings, and problems are set-up.Rising Action: All of the events which lead up to the climax.Climax: The most important part of the story or point where the story hits it's peak and begins to change. Falling Action: Consists of everything that 'falls out' of the story from the climax and leads to the resolution.

Literary Elements (parts of a story)

Problem or Conflict

Consists of how the problem is solved or how the story ends.

Resolution or Conclusion

Consists of the elements which characters must face or struggle against.Man vs SelfMan vs NatureMan vs ManMan vs Society

CharactersWho is the story about?Protagonist: The main person or animal which the story revolves around. The one who is most closely followed through events and details given by the author.Antagonist: The person, animal, or force which opposes or works against the protagonist.

Themes(Author's Message or Life Lesson)The universal message which the author is trying to get across throughout the story. This is generally a message or life lesson.Universal ThemesDon't judge a book by its coverBe careful what you wish forThe power of friendship or love

Universal Themes - Video


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