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The Literacy Superheroes Project is a collaborative project open to all grade levels that centers around Superhero themed reading and writing activities with a technology component.

Teachers who participate will share student work on their school page on this wiki and on our Global Library Shelf. Participating teachers are encouraged to connect with other classrooms using Skype, iChat, Facetime or another video chat tool. They will be given access to the names and contact information for the other teachers in the project.

Using one of the Digital WritingTools, write and illustrate a book using the monthly theme as a guide. Monthly themes are listed. Click on each link to learn more. The monthly topics are designed so the stories will be about things familiar to the students.

Feel free to create any fictional stories you want and add them to the Global Library shelf.We encourage your ideas, suggestions and input.

October to the Schoolyard (About your School)

November/December Its Your Friendly Neighborhood Superhero(About your City and State)

January Up! Up! and Away(Weather Patterns in Your State)

February Shazam!!!(Things You Love)


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