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Language Arts

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I read my first story when I was four... well before my cousins began reading. Growing up around boys, especially ones who didn't care about books, kept me inside with my grandma's bibles and grandpa's encyclopedias.

Growing Up a Reader"The other kids just don't understand!"

I moved around a lot growing up.Every place was a struggle to find friends with the same interests as me. I was made fun of for my literacy and my love of telling and writing stories. As soon as I made a friend, chances are, I'd be moving in a few months.

I couldn't even pick out books like the ones other kids DID like... I never liked Goosebumps. And I didn't test into the same reading levels as my classmates. It was extremely lonely.

I got so used to being above average, that I never really learned to challenge my analytic and comprehension skills, and therefore never grew as a reader and a writer. Until my first year in high school, when I was place in English Honors and struggled to keep up with my classmates.

Moving had it's pros, though. When I was growing up, the best, least expensive way to keep in touch were hand-written letters. This was a perfect way to practice my writing skills. (It also helped me keep part of my childhood - I still have the letters my friends sent to me.)

But then I met Cassie, who moved around a lot, like me. She loved to send messages on Yahoo! Messenger and read and write stories on a website called Quizilla. I began co-writing a story with her, and we continued to write it even after she moved away.

My natural love of books, coupled with the knowledge I gained in my high school English classes and my Creative Writing classes pushed me to expand my skills. I learned to step outside genres and eventually I pushed myself to self-publish. I pursued my love of literature, no matter what the struggle was, and I feel it has always paid off.



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