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by Nikkifranco
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Literacy Timeline

Literacy TimelineNicolette Franco

The next essay we wrote I got an A on it becuase I stayed behind and asked for help. I didn't let a failing grade bring down my confidence.

The first essay we wrote I failed it. I had never got anything less than an A on my papers. I styaed after class and asked for help from my professor.

I had high confidence going into my English 1A class because I only missed one question on the test and I was the only 17 year old in class.

Every senior at CNHS had to take the English placement test for FCC/Willow. Only 10/200 studetns passed. I was one of the 10 and I only missed one question.

By the age of 2 I was able to read and form simple snteces on my own.

In the 6th grade my Red Ribbon Week essay was picked to hang in the hallways. Only 3 essays were chosen.

I was very proud of myself and my confidence levels incresed when I wrote into Rolling Stone Magzine and they published what I wrote in the next issue



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