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Literacy reading resource

Teaching Early Literacy to Beginner Readers

Recognition Memory Game

First, since you said column 1, the child knows he only has 3 possibilities.Second, since you said the word slowly, the child can retain this sound and try to match itup to the letters in the three words in column one.

The thing to remember is to use RECOGNITION MEMORY activities when teachingsomething new or when the material is difficult to learn. As you can see, this mimics themultiple choice tests we were all so familiar with in school.

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Hello Everybody - I am going to say a word that is in column 1I want you to listen to the sounds I say in the word and try to find it on the board list.

After you find it I want you to write it down next to number 1 on your paper.OK - Ready? Let’s try one – The first word is baaaaat – bat – Which is the word baaat?

You can see how this should really not be a difficult task because the child doesn’t have tospell the word from rote memory, thereby, eliminating frustration and increasing likelihoodof success.

When the child finds the correct match he says in his mind – Ahah! I’ve got it…At this exact moment, the sound and word is further memorized by the child and furthermemorized again as he is required to copy it onto his paper.



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