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Literacy Project





Mali, Africa

Nepal, Asia

Peru, Latin America

What places does this project

Changing the World: One Literate Child at a Time


Make bookmarks!:- Create a bookmark idealy between 4-6 inches long and 1-2 inches wide and decorate! Add tassles, paint, just make it nice for the children.- One bookmark equates to $1 towards Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program!


Literacy Facts:- The overall literacy rate in Mali is 33.4%- The overall literacy rate in Nepal is 60%- The overall literacy rate in Peru is 89.6%

The Challenge:Three organizations, Save the Children, Students Rebuild, and Global Nomads Group are working together to improve literacy of young people around the globe. With the help up the Bezos Family, they set up a project in which the Bezos will donate money toward education for children in struggling areas in exchange for handmade items for the children from you the people.


Being illiterate puts you at several diadvantages. You will have very slim job opportunities, leading to poverty, unemployment, and low self-worth.

For More General Info on the Literacy Challenge:Save the ChildrenBezos Family Foundation


When you complete your bookmark(s), write the following on your package!1. The name of your Literacy Challenge Team (Register for a Team Name)2. How many people were on your team3. A count of how many bookmarks you madeMail to: Students Rebuild918 S. Horton St. #5047Seattle, WA 98134


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How can you help those struggling with literacy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America?


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