Literacy Memory

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by KScalise
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Literacy Memory

My Dad holding my little sister, and me sitting next to my mom.

Kristi ScaliseLiteracy Memory

I grew up in a house were everyone read, all of the time. My Dad read to us almost every night. One of my ALL time favorite books is One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer

It is about the magical adventure of a letter sent from one friend to another. I know it almost by heart and still have my copy from when I was little. At first Dad read it to me, then as I grew I read it, and when I had kids, I read it to them... I can't wait to read it to grandkids someday.

Both of my parents have passed so my literacy memories are bittersweet.

Mom used to read Granfa Grig Had a Pig to me. I don't have mine anymore but she suprised me one Christmas with a copy she found on Ebay!

My father was a poet. I grew uplistening to Shakespear, Frost, Keats, e.e. cummings. Plath andmore. He was never picky aboutWhat he read to us.


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