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Veronica's Literacy Timeline


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On August 13th, 1990 I was born into a very loving family. My mother read to my brother and myself every night before we went to bed. Our favorite book was "GoodNight Moon." My mother even memorized the book because she read it so much. We always looked forward to night time reading.

From Pre-school through 12th grade I struggled a little bit in school. Yet,I always seemed to get a passing grade. I learned to read and write along side my classmates but always seemed the think I was not as smart as the other kids or that I had to try so much harder than any of the others. I was always afraid of failing so I ended up not really trying.

When I was 18 years old, my older brother Hugh passed away. This was a very hard time for my whole family and all of our friends. I ended up talking a year or so off from college while he was still sick and decided to take a little more time off once he passed. During this time I wrote in my journal a lot. I figured that it might be easier to get all my thoughts onto paper than to say them out loud. I then realized that I loved to write! This gave me so much confidence! And from then on out I was not afraid of school anymore!

Once I started back at school I tried my hardest on every assignment. I really surprised myself with how much I actually enjoyed it. I also started reading for fun thanks to a youtube personality who helped me discover that I can disappear from my crazy life for a minuite if I opened a book. I was really learning to love literacy again!

Once I started to realize how much I enjoyed learning is when I discovered I wanted to teach.

Which leads me to presesnt day. I am in the blended program at Fresno State, pushing myself to complete it and learning a whole lot along the way. My trials growning up and the major devestation of losing a loved one has only made me stronger. Not only in life but also in my education.



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