Literacy: Birth to 3 Years

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Literacy: Birth to 3 Years

Literacy: Birth to 3 Years

By Nathaniel Martinez and Dr. Matthew

Time Line

1 Year

18 months

2 Years

3 Years

Birth to 6 months

Reading/Writing:No independent reading/ unable to write.Eat, sleeps, cries, RR and repeatsMomentary attention to books with bright colors and simple shapes, likes silly faces.

Reading:Learns/repeats simple words/phrases from frequently read books.Listens to stories and wants rereads.Points and names some simple pictures in books.Writing:Spontaneous Scribbling. Explores the uses of markers, crayons, pens and chalk to draw and write. (Poor House)

Reading:Begins to develop imitative reading. Shows increased interest in books. Likes certain pages. Turns pages and tells story.Performs book action scenes.Shows empathy for characters (Oh No!)Looks at and names pictuesWriting:Scribbles with whatever can get hands on.Makes marks intentionally.

Reading:Likes fiction/nonfiction books. Asks question while being read to. Can answer simple story questions.Wants fav. book read over and over. Wants whole story read, no skipping partswill look at book and retell book to self.Writing:Holds crayons with whole fist grasp. may have correct/incorrect pincer grasp. Can draw closed cirlces. May add facial features and name pictures.

Reading:Starts to stare at picture books and react to colorful and bright pictures. Will begin to hold books with helpCloser to 1: Will begin to imitate reading sounds. Plays with and chews books.Writing:will mark paper or walls with crayons or markers.


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