Literacy Autobiography

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Literacy Autobiography

Since my parents were field workers, they started me off at a pre-school fairly young. Here, I was exposed to reading and writing. My parents did not have the time nor the knowledge to read to me in English, which I have always understood. They have however, enforced education on me and my siblings. Education has been a important aspect since the very beginning.

In the second grade, my parents were constantly getting calls from school. This was all due to the fact that I would never turn in my homework. I struggled with English, and at the time neither of my parents knew English, so they weren't able to help me out. I remember crying many times because I just simply did not understand the homework. I did not knwo how to do it and school was beginning to be a drag for me. I started to hate it.

My Literacy Autobiography

My History!!!

If there is someone whom I have to thank for learning English and getting ahead in school, that would have to be to my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Swan. She always went above and beyond what any teacher has ever done for me. She worked closely with me in reading, spelling, writing, and alwasy praised me when I did well. I will never forget what she did for me. Until this day, I thank her efforts for not giving up on me and always pushing me to do my best. She simply never gave up and after 3rd grade, school was a lot more easier and I started to do good. I was constantly on the "A" or "B" honor roll, and was student of the month numerous times. I made a complete change in my education because of her dedication in my education.




I continued to write poems on my own for fun. But my first realization of my writing was my senior year in high school. Because I was in AVID, I applied for many universities and wrote many essays for scholarships and what not. I remember reading a essay in class that was for a scholarship and getting good feedback from my peers but also from my teacher. He told me very seriously, "You know Maria, if you were to take writing seriously, you could really get somewhere with it." I had never really thought of my writing as being good enough to pursue it as a career, I always did well, but for me writing essays was easy and that is how I always thouht about it, as being easy. It was this exact moment that sparked me look into English as a major.


Since starting my job with Mini-Corps, I have taken an interest in working with English learners. Once I am donw with school, and before or after finishing my Masters, I would like to either teach English in South Korea, and/or join the Peace Corps and teach English in a foreign country. I'm thinking of doing both. I am currently a Liberal Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing. I never would of thought I would of taken a advanced writing in Poetry class or a Advanced Writing in Non-Fiction class. I have come a long way from being the litte girl who struggled to understand her English or her teachers who all spoke English, and now I find myself wanting to teach others English. It feels AMAZING!!!!!!!! :D

School became a lot easier after 3rd grade. I was constantly being praised for my good work. I was a good student and always kept up my grades. Despite the lack of help at home, I found ways in which to help myself and took advantage of whatever resources there were at home. I realized I was really good in Math, and did fairly well in English as well. It was in the 6th grade were I started writing on my own. I wrote my own poems on a notebook I kept hidden from everyone. I wrote about what was going on at that time in my life, and it was my way out of the harsh reality at times. I wrote happy poems, sad poems, and some very angry poems. It became my escape. I felt good writting my frustrations on my notebook, it kept me sane. I continued to write whatever I could.





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