Literacy autobiography

by MeghanMize77
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Literacy autobiography

Writing my name

My mom noticed I had trouble holding a pencil when I was learning how to write my name in preschool. She continued working with me and no matter what she did I still continued to grab the pencil with my whole hand. My hand could not make the movements to hold a pencil.

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Literacy Autobiography

When I first started kindergarten my mom took me to see an occupational therapist. They gave me a brace to keep my wrist straight to hold my pencil. They also gave me special sissors.

I was born six weeks early. The doctors said my fine motor skills did not develop all the way. Thats why I had such a hard time writing.

I was finally able to write on my own. A year after wearing the brace.It took a lot of effort to have my writing legible for teachers to read.

I wonder if my hand writing will be good enough for the students to read?

I am confident typing my work on the computer.



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