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Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy & Numeracy!

Give it a go... These questions are examples of the literacy & numeracy in the events industry.

What's more fun than planning events??(None of which can be possible without Literacy & Numeracy!!)

Do you know what it means? Literacy is more than just reading & writing!

There are many ways we use these skills!

Q1. The two main components of a budget are?A. Expense & IncomeB. Sales & PurchasesC. GST & Income

Q4. What is a legally binding document containing terms & conditions set by the venue?A. AgendaB. ContractC. Event Plan

Q2. What aspects need to be considered when designing a Floor Plan?A. Fire ExitsB. DoorsC. Electrical PointsD. All of the above

Q3. An event has 72 guests, to have 8 people at each table, how many tables would you need?A. 6B. 7C. 9

Literacy & Numeracy in everyday life!! - Shopping- Interpreting traffic signs- Email/Text messaging/Social Networks- Following Recipes- Sporting rules & scoring

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