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Lit. Project

This song is about letting go and living life to the fullest. Nat realizes that he needs to be less controlling and just to let things happen. In the beginning of the book Nat tries to stop odd things from happening and he always needs an explanation for the way things happen. Nat learns that things can just happen and there doesn’t need to be a reason. This song also relates back to horses. Nat learns these ways that he needed to fix from his pony Stormy and he learns to listen to Stormy.

This song talks about how a girl cheated on a boy. The boy doesn’t want to know or ask why or who, he just wants to walk away from it. Nat has liked a girl named…… for a very long time, but he didn’t think she liked him. Later, they end up kissing and she tells him she doesn’t have a boyfriend. About a week after that Nat catches her kissing an older guy. Nat doesn’t want to know who it is or why, he just runs away and never talks to her again. This song is meaningful through the message it gives off in the tone. The tone is definitely sad and depressing; this is a mood that Nat was in for a long time after he caught…..

In this song Taylor Swift talks about falling “headfirst, fearless”. Before Nat realized everything with ….. was a joke, he really fell headfirst and fearless for her. He invited her to the Barn and offered to give her rides on Smokey whenever she wanted. Nat thought about her all the time and he worried about her when she wasn’t at school. “Fearless” also talks about a first kiss and how immediately it was love. This is how Nat was. He had his first kiss with her and he instantly thought….I love this girl. In reality he knew it was too good to be true but he convinces himself otherwise.

Although this song is about a man cheating in his wife, it reminds me of how Nat’s parents were separated. His dad wanted to stay, but he was making the family worse. Nat’s mom made his dad leave and never wanted to see him again because he ruined their family. His mom thought she was better off without him and they could handle their life on their own. This song also reminded me of Nat. When he was angry or upset, he would always run away, usually he went to the barn where they kept Stormy and he would take a ride through the fields to burn off his frustration.

This song is about an unfortunate young boy who watches other people get what they want for Christmas, but Nat never gets what he wants. In No Small Thing, Nat wants a pony for Christmas. The Pony is the only thing he has ever wanted and he knows he will never get it because his family is so poor. Nat ends up watching the other "rich kids" in his neighborhood get all the presents they want.

This song would have a very purposeful meaning to Nat. Nat's dad left when he was very young to go and live with a new wife. He left the rest of the family with nothing but a big empty house. The song "I Love You This Much" talks about a child who loves his dad even though he never sees him. Nat claims in the book that he forgives his father for what he did, but a lot of evidence shows that he thinks it’s cruel the way his father left them. The song also talks about how the young boy still looks for his dad every day. At moments in the book Nat thinks he sees his dads silver Pontiac driving through his town. It never ends up being him, but even though, Nat looks every time. This song has a sort of sad, painful quality to it that helps me believe that when Nat is feeling lonely, he would listen to this song to let his frustration out

"I Love You This Much" by Jimmy Wayne

"Paper Angels" by Jimmy Wayne

" Let that Pony Run"by Pam Tillis

"Fearless" by Taylor Swift

" I Don't Wanna Know" by Mario Winans

"No Reins"by Rascal Flatts

NatNo Small Thingby Natale Ghent



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