Lit Autobiography

by Lynsiewoot
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Lit Autobiography

My freshman english class was my favorte that I had in high school. I say this because of my teacher that I had. He inspired me to be a better writer and he introduced me to one of my favorite books, "The Great Gatsby." He is the reason why I wanted to read so many books. To this day I still ask him what other books I should read.

My Literacy Autobiography

My sophomore year of college, I volunteered at an elementary school. Most of the time I help students that are struggling at reading. I had two students that I worked with every day that I was there. I shared my story of how I use to be not a strong reader but I practiced and got better. I gave them hope that they could be like me and soon they were getting better and better at reading. I helped them become better readers and it inspired me to want to do that with more students.

During my 7th grade summer, I took a summer school class that was for reading. My parents enrolled me in that class because they knew how much I disliked reading. On the first day of class the teacher said that this class would get us all to love reading. We had to read "To Kill A Mockingbird." She taught us how to be better readers and gave us activities to get us into what we were reading. After the summer school class was over, I loved to read and I was more confident in my reading abilities.

When I was in preschool, my parents use to read to me every night. My favorite book that they would read to me was "Cat in the Hat." I had heard and looked at the pictures so many times that I had memorized what each page said. I thought that I could actually read the book but I soon realized it was a lot harder than I thought and memorizing wasn't really reading.

In first grade, my teacher told me that I was ahead of the other students when it came to reading but I was not reading the words fast enough, She said that she was scared I would fall behind later on even though I was already doing better than the other students. My mother wanted to prove her wrong so she worked with me every day on reading. From woring on reading every day, I improved immensely. My teacher never said anything else and I was proud of my reading skills that I had improved on.

These last couple of years I have been working with preschoolers at four different schools. A lot of the students speak spanish and I have been trying to teach them english and how to recognize letters and sounds. Some try to learn, while others don't want to. It is a challenge to motivate them to want to learn but I feel like when they make progress, they are happy. It feels great that I helped them and that they are improving. I do not want them to have to struggle with reading and writing like I did and I did not even have a second language to make it harder.



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