List 5: Vocab words

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List 5: Vocab words

Astonishment- NounOverpowering wonder or surprise Syn: Awe; Bewilderment; ConfusionAnt: Composure; CalmnessOriginal Sentence: She looked at him in astonishment because he said he liked boys.

Absurdity-NounThe state of being senseless; illogical, or untrue Syn: Craziness; Insanity; FollyAnt: Intellegence; Wisdom; SagacityOriginal Sentence: Ray laughed at the absurdity of the situation with her sister saying she saw a unicorn.

Serenade-VerbTo entertain with or perform a song for someoneSyn: Sing, Croon, HarmonizeOriginal Sentence: He picked the perfect song to serenade his girlfriend, the minute she heard the guitar play outside the window she was really happy.

Marquee- NounLarge projection above a theater, containing name of play or film and its starsSyn: SignboardOriginal Sentence: I didn't believe my cousin when she said spider-man 90 was out till i looked at the marquee on top of the movie theater saying it starts at 6:00 P.M.

Balk-VerbTo stop and refuse to proceed or do something specified Syn: Hesitate; Recoil; RefuseAnt: Accept; FaceOriginal Sentence: I balk at paying that much in a basketball game because i have asthma and i'll get tired quickly.

Conformity- NounAction in accord with social standards and attitudesSyn: Complience; Obdedience; ConsentAnt: Resistance; Discord; Refusal Original Sentence: When Jessica gets in trouble her response is always," I'm not into conformity. I am not a conformist. I do what I please" and to be honest it's so annoying!

Flourish-VerbTo be In one's height of fame, excellence, or influenceSyn: Prosper; Succeed; ThriveAnt: Flounderl Fail; DiminishOriginal Sentence: When i was little i didnt understand my mom when she told me to praise the young and they will be flourish but as i grew older, i understood if you praise the young they'll develope well and vigorously..

List 5; Vocabulary Words

Saguaros- NounA tall, horizontally branched cactus bearing fruitsSyn: CactusOriginal Sentece: If you go to the desert, the only water you'll ever find is in the saguaros although it is tough to get it because of the spikes protecting it.

Maroon- VerbTo abandon and leave without aid or resources Syn: Abandon; Isolate: StrandAnt: Rescue; Maintain; CareOriginal Sentences:I maroon my cousin most of the time when she falls because everytime i used to fall she would laugh at me and walk away so i see it as revenge.

Milling-VerbTo move around aimlessly, slowly, or confusedlySyn: Strolling; Meandering; WalkingAnt: Marching; SprintingOriginal Sentence: During a press conference people milled about the room, shaking hands.


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