[2014] Liah Miller (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): Lise Me

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[2014] Liah Miller (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): Lise Me

Lise Meitner

Co-developed the theory of nulclear fission

Ever since Meitner was young, she had an interest in a scientific career. She worked hard and was able to attend the University of Vienna. She was the second woman there to receive a PhD in physics.

Meitner co-discovered protactinum, element 91.

After graduating, she worked in her teachers' lab as an assistant's assistant.

She faced the dilemna of whether to pursue a career in mathematics or physics

Meitner continued her work in beta radiation through the 1920s

In 1907, Meitner went to Germany to study at the Institute for Experimental Physics.

Her discoveries eventually would make the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons possible.

Lise Meitner was born in Austria during 1878. She had seven siblings and her father was a lawyer.

In 1944, her collaborator was awarded the Nobel Prize for the work he shared with Meitner.

The element number 109 (Meitnerium) is named after her.

There, she worked at the Nobel Institute for Physics and at the Atomic Energy Institute

She retired in 1960 and died in 1968

In 1938, she continued her research in Sweden.

Nuclear fission is when scientists take a large isotope and bombard it with another, smaller one (often a neutron). The collision causes the larger isotope to break apart into two or more elements.


Meitner was ignored and didn't share the honor.


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