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Liquid Cafe

2. Have environment where people feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

1. Tell people what to expect and why.

Today we are here to discuss what is working in our implementation of Project Based Learning and focus directly on student learning-what does it look, sound, act like?

EDOL 707 Assignment 4.1Collaborative Inquiry Carliza Bataller

Coud Walk Observing PBL Classrooms

6. What do we now understand about PBL and student learning?

3. Take time to understand what people really care about.

4. Strategic invitations encourage voice throughout the process and ability to learn, strengthen and value their own contributions and each others.

5. Diverse is the experience and perspectives we bring; together the unifying theme is how can we utilize each others knowldege, strengths and perspectives to serve the students in our implementation of PBL in a one-to-one computing environment?

What are your concerns about the implementation of PBL-Project Based Learning? What do you hope to gain from the cloud walk observations today?

Liquid Café's Seven Principles: 1. Set the context2. Create hospitable space3. Explore questions that matter4.Encourage all contributions5. Connect diverse perspectives6. Listen together for insights7. Share collective discoveries

7. Record What is happening in the Cloud Walk and debrief sessions.

Welcome, so grateful your here! Please help yourself to drinks and snacks throughout our time together today!

Through each observation, while we are in the classroom what evidence do you see of PBL implementation and student learning? Write your notes and feel free to utilze observation format on the paper given to you.

After each classroom visit, quick share-out on the following; From the notes you took, what can you share out that shows you evidence of student centered learning? What specific learning environment was seen, heard, practiced? What did students have to say? What stood out?

What can you take today and use for your own practices? What questions or comments can we share with each other to help each other? What resources or examples can we share out? We have a bulletin board, shared document to access for additional resoures, what we have discussed today, and areas of further concerns to follow up.



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