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Fats are composed of a glycerol molecule & 3 fatty acid molecules. Just like all lipids, fat molecules are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Fat is used as energy storage in our bodies.There are two main types of fats: saturated fats & unsaturated fats.



•Waxes are similar to fats in their chemical make up, except they only have 1 long fatty acid chain. •Soft & plastic at room temperatures.•Used to coat & protect things in nature. •Plants use waxes to help prevent water loss. Humans have wax in our ears to help protect our eardrums.•Used in many everyday applications like chewing gum, polishes, & candles


•Steroids include cholesterol, chlorophyll, & hormones. •The basis of a steroid molecule is a 4 ring structure: 1 ring with 5 carbons & 3 rings with 6 carbons. •Our bodies use cholesterol to make hormones •Chlorophyll is used by plants to absorb light for photosynthesis.


•Phospholipids make up the fourth major group of lipids. •Similar to fats in their chemical make up. •Phospholipids are one of the main structural components of all cell membranes.


•Straight molecules•Solids at room temperature•These fats tend to come from foods like red meat, cheese, & butter•Sometimes called "bad" fats because they have been known to cause higher cholesterol, clog arteries, and even increase the risk for some cancers.

Saturated Fats

Oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents; essential structural component of living cells. Lipids include fats, steroids, phospholipids, & waxes.

*Not all fats are bad for you! Fats are needed by our bodies to be healthy. Most people need to get around 20%-30% of their food from fats*

•Kinked molecules•Liquids at room temperature•These fats tend to come from foods like nuts, vegetables, & fish•Considered much better for you than saturated fats; "good" fats.

Unsaturated Fats

*Not all steroids are bad. Our bodies need steroids like cholesterol & cortisol to survive, so some steroids are actually good for us.*


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