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Female lions are very protective of their cubs. They give brith to three to six cubs and nurse and take care of them until they are at least three years old. . Often times, if the litter is not of the head male of the pride, he will try to kill all of the vubs. The mothers are extremely protective, and are willing to fit 'til the death to protect her babies. Newborn lions can't open their eyes until they are three weeks old, andlearn to hunt when they are three months old.

Lions are the second biggest cat species in the world. The male lion weighs 400lbs. on average, while the female weighs around 290lbs. Lions can run as fast as 50mph, but tire out very quickly. They live in packs called prides that are made up of all female, offspring, and one or two males. When a lion roars, it can be heard from 5 miles away! Click below to hear!

It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.-Elizabeth Kenny

Lions are known as kings of the jungle, but they don't live in a jungle! They live in grasslands, open woodlands, and savannas, mostly found in Southern and Eastern Africa.


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