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DescriptionAll lions have brown fur (apart from white lions) that has spots on when they are young. They have a lighter coloured tummy and mouth. Lions have hair on the end of their tails. Male lions have a thick, downy mane that grows as they get older. A mane starts growing when a lion is an teenager and starts in the colour of the lions fur. A lion gets a type of under-arm hair which is part of their mane when they get older. A lions mane colour changes from brown to black.


Lions are big cats that live in prides. They are found in Africa and NW Asia. Lions are suprisingly the laziest of the big cats. They usually spend 16 to 20 hours of sleep everyday. They can hunt any hour but most hunt during the night.

·When males join prides, they usually kill the cubs first.·Lions are the second largest living feline species. ·Both male and female can communicate by roaring from about 5 miles away.

Fun Facts

What are they?

Lions Hunting

Female Lion

Lion Roaring

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