Lions of Africa

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Lions of Africa

Physical Description:*Males look different from females. The lioness (female) does not have a mane.*Adult lions weight ranges: Males: 330 to 550 lbs. Females: 264 to 400 lbs*The lions tan color is good for blending in with the grass of the African plains.

Lions of Africa

Habitat*Savanna grasslands*Dry savanna forest using the trees for shade*Savanna's semi-desert

The African LionBy: Mrs. Winters

3 Ways We Can Help To Protect This Animal:1. Educate people so they don't kill the animals2. Make laws to protect them3. Stopy hunting and killing them for sport.

PredatorsHumans are the biggest threat to the lion population because of hunting and capturing for pets or zoos.

The lion is vulnerable!The lion is considered a vulnerable species because of conflicts with the human race and loss of their habitat. With less land to roam, many lions prey on farmers livestock for food, as a result farmers are killing the lions. Also, the hunting of male lions is still a common sport for many poachers.

Eating Habits:1. Zebras2. Wildebeest3. Antelopes4. Warthogs5. Buffalo


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