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ClassificationKingdom - AnimalPhylum - Chordata

Family - ScorpaenidaeGenus - PteroisSpecies - volitans

Class- Actinopterygii Order-Scorpaeniformes

2. The Lionfish is one of the most toxic fish on the planet.3. Lionfish tend to swallow their prey whole.

o Body plan- earliest vertabrates, Scales and Fins, Concentration of sensory organs in heado Symmetry- Bilateral Symmetry o Circulation- 2 chambered heart, Artries and Capillaries, pumps blood through a series of blood vessels o Respiration- Capillaries exchange oxygen molecules with carbon dioxide moleculesveins carry CO2 back to gills o Reproduction- Sexually/ Lionfish externally fertilize o Feeding: Lionfish tend to eat small fish, shrimp and crabs. Small intestines secret digestive fluids.o Excretion: maintain proper balance of electrolytes, done by kidneys and gills, have nephrons that filter ammonia, most NO3 wastes are excreted by gills o Movement- have developed fins o Nervous system:have a brain/spinal cord, sensory receptors are located thoughout the body, have receptors for olfactory, vision, hearing, balance and water movement.

4. Lionfish are closely related to scrorpoins. 5. Lionfish are also known as a fire fish, dragon fish, and scorpion fish.

Lionfish are usually found in the Indo-Pacific Coral Reefs.

What makes a Lionfish Unique?1. A lionfish will often spread its feathery pectoral fins and herd small fish into a confined space where it can more easily swallow them.

but, they can also be found in the Caribbean and East Pacific.

Pterois Volitans


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