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Lionfishby: Rajarshi #5

How does a Lionfish look?A Lionfish is dressed up in colorful bands of red and white, and has fan like fins

What is the Lionfish's size?The Lion fish is normally suposed to be only 38cm

Where do Lionfish live?The Lionfish lives in coral or rocky reefs, lagoons, or in some Caribbean bays

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Lionfish Kingdom:Animalia

Lionfish Phylum:Chordata

Lionfish Class:Actinoptery

IntoductionThe lionfish was a fish in an aquarium in Mexico, but it was let out and is now an invasive speices. This fish is now killing many different and native fish in the bays of the Caribbean. The lionfish is a very common but dangerous type of fish. They have pretty feather like fins and contain toxins from things it eats. This fish is harming the enviorment, but it will help scientists with their oceanic reserach.

Lionfish Order:ScopaenifornesLionfish Family:ScopaenidaeLionfish Genus:Pterois

Lionfish Species:Pterois volitans


Did you know :The lionfish was not native to the Caribbean.

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Did you know:The lionfish absorbs toxins from the things it eats, it can also eat its own poison



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