Linguistic Learners

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Linguistic Learners

Linguistic Learners

Linguistic learners are all about self expressionWth topics from the colored skies to talking of depressionTechnology is a medium for learners young and oldLinguistic learners gain a lot from it if the truth be told.The internet provides them with unlimited informationAbout things that they may have thought about in their imaginationThey can present their information a variety of waysA blog, a song, a video, a facebook status if you may.

Linguistic Learning and Technology


Benefits of Technology

- Internet provides unlimited resources and information for research.-Many ways to express oneself via technology: +Blogs + Forums + Videos- Way to get realtime feedback from peers.-Ability to work with others in the classroom or at home.-Use as a visual aid to support an oral presentation.

"Instructional strategies that work for linguistic learners must focus on self-expression."(McCoog, 2007).

Linguistic learners have strong skills in written and verbal communication. They like to express themselves through writing or speech.(McCoog, 2007)

Meghan Bryte

Mccoog, Ian J. "Integrated Instruction: Multiple Intelligences and Technology." The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas 81.1 (2007): 25-28. Web.


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