Linguistic Diversity in my Neighborhood

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Linguistic Diversity in my Neighborhood

Linguistic Diversity in my Neighborhood

By: Bridget Fitzgerald

Above is a photo of the sign for an upscale grocery store in Oak Lawn.

Above is a photo of one of many signs in Chicago Ridge to celebrate their 100 year anniversary.

Above is a photo of a sign for an abandoned furniture shopping center. After some research I discovered it had been closed for atleast 5 years.

Above is a sign on a private pool near Richards

Above is a photo of a small market with a sign in Arabic.

Above is one of the many 'For Rent 'signs near Richards.

Above is the sign for a Family Dollar near Richards.

Left is a picture of the school I focused on, Richards High School

The School I focused on was Richards High School, the public high school I would have gone to if I went to a public school. On the East side of Richards is Oak Lawn, a middle to upper class predominately white neighborhood. On the West side is Chicago Ridge a middle to lower class neighborhood with a large Arabic population. Within the 5 block radius to the East of Richards is an upper class sub division, a wildlife preserve, and an upscale shopping center. Within the 5 blocks to the West there are many apartment buildings (many with For Rent signs), abandoned shopping centers, and some small stores.

Right is the entrance sign for the sub division located next to Richards High School

Above is a photo of the entrance sign for Wolfe Wildlife forest preserve.


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