Linear Regression

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Linear Regression

VocabularyScatter Plot: a graph made by plotting ordered pairs from different data set to show the correlation between the two sets of dataCorrelation: the relationship between variablesLine of Best Fit: a straight line that best represent the data

Linear Regression

Input the from the data set into the calculator.[ Stat→Edit→Enter→Input the data of Total Fat into List 1→Input the data of Total Calories into List 2 ]

Hello, this is Marissa and Helen from Period 1 and Period 3. We are here to teach you all about Linear Regression on a calculator!! Please enjoy out Glog!

Step 1

Prepare a scatter plot of the data.Set up for the scatterplot. [2nd StatPlot - choices shown at right. Choose ZOOM #9 ZoomStat. Graph shown to the above]

Data Set

Simply hit GRAPH.

Have the calculator determine the line of best fit.[STAT → CALC #4 LinReg(ax+b)Include the parameters L1, L2, Y1.(Y1 comes from VARS → YVARS, #Function, Y1]

←This represents Helen.This represents Marissa.→

An Intro to Linear Regression

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

*Just a Note*Your window scale should NOT matter as long as you hit ZOOM#9

BY THE WAY! THE COMMA IN THE PICTURE MATTERS!! YOU NEED IT! It is found right above the number 7 on the calculator.

By The Way:When you click ENTER it should have these numbers...

Supplies1 graphing calculatorHandsEyes

These Guys

Now wasn't that easy? Even these guys can do it.

IMPORTANT!!!!The COMMAS are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in order to get the answer shown at Step 4.


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