Linear Equations

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Algebra I

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 Linear Equations

QuestionsQ1) A set of paints cost 10 Rs more than a set of brushes. Tris goes to a shop to buy a set of paints and 3 sets of brushes for 50 Rs. How much do the set of paints and brushes cost?Ans) Let a set of paints cost x Rs and set of brushes cost y Rs.x = 10 + y (1)x + 3y = 50Rs (2)Substituting 1 in 2,10 + y + 3y = 504y = 40y = 10 RsTherefore, x = 20 RsThus, a set of paints and brushes cost 20 and 10 Rs respectively.Q2) A set of pencils and pens together cost 25 Rs. It was noticed that a set of pencils cost 5 Rs less than that of a set of pens. Find the price of the set of pencils and pens.Ans) Let the cost of pencils and pens be x and y Rs respectively.x + y = 25 Rs (1)x = y - 5 (2)y - 5 + y = 252y = 30y = 15 RsTherefore x = 10 RsThus, the cost of a set of pencils and pens is 10 and 15 Rs respectively.


MathsLinear Equations!

Methods you can use:


1) Substitution Method2) Elimination Method3) Cross-multiplication MethodWe will be using Substitution Method.


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