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Lindsey Stirling

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Lindsey has a YouTube channel with over six million subscribers.The most views any of her videos ever received was close to 113 Million views. That video is "Crystalize" Her YouTube channel has made her famous!

Lindsey Stirling

"Shatter Me"

First album cover

Lindsey's song, "Shatter Me" is about a time when she was anorexic and believed she had to be this perfect person. It is called “Shatter Me” because it is about her shattering that perfect image she was trying to create.

The Story of "Shatter Me"

Lindsey Stirling is the only hip hop violin artist. She was born in Santa Ana, California. At the age of six Lindsey started playing the violin. She worked really hard at it and it has certainly paid off. She was a quarter finalist on America's Got Talent in 2010. Lindsey has gone on two tours called “Shatter Me” and well, “Lindsey Stirling.” Her first album, “Lindsey Stirling” sold over 350,000 copies in the US and ranked 22 on the billboard top 200. “Shatter Me” has ranked #2 on the billboard top 200.


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