Lincoln's Grave Robbers

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Lincoln's Grave Robbers

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Right after Benjamin Boyd went to prison Big Jim was having trouble with the engraving. Big Jim counldn't hire anyone else because Ben was the best at engraving. Unfortunalty..Big Jim set a plot to set Benjamin Boyd free. Fortunatly...the prison was heavly guarded. Unfortunatly... this plan involved stealing President Abraham Lincoln's body. They would take the body and force a trade the body back for Benjamin Boyd.Fortunatly they had to try and get the body first.

Hi i am Benjamin Boyd, i was born in Cincinnati in 1834. I was the son of a master Engraver. My career was making fake dollar bills and selling them for real cash. Unfortunatly..I worked for James Kennally but we called him "Big Jim". Fortuatly.. i was captured and was sent to a prison for life.

Lincoln'sGrave Robbers

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Fortunatly.. they had secret police. They went under cover and heard the who plan. Unfortunatly.. They had to keep there identity a secret so that the Boss didn't see.Fortunatly.. Big Jim was caught and arrested in the act of stealing Lincoln's body.


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