Lincoln's Assassination

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Lincoln's Assassination

Lincoln's Assassination

Date: April 14,1865 Place: Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C.Killer: John Wilkes BoothWeapon: Philadelphia Deringer Pistol

Capture of BoothTwelve days after the assassination, Booth fled to William Garrett's farm in Virginia with another conspirator named David Herold. The Union Cavalry discovered him there and shot him in the neck, where he died. Herold surrendered and was hung.

MotivesBooth was a Southerner who wanted revenge against the Union and believed that killing Lincoln would do the country good

PlansBooth and main conspirators planned to kidnap Lincoln. Two days after the South surrendered, Booth instead decided that he wanted to kill Lincoln. The plan also included killing Secretary of State William H. Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson.

What happenedBooth shot Lincoln in the head while he was attending the play "Our American Cousin". Lincoln died the next day. Lewis Powell stabbed Seward, but Seward survived. George Atzerodt, assigned to kill Andrew Johnson, lost his nerve and fled.

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