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Lincoln Park Zoo

The Evolution of The Animals:* Two swans were not only the first animals but also the reason the zoo was founded in 1868.-Wikipedia.*In 1874 the first animal was purchased by the zoo for 10$. It was a bear cub from the Philadelphia zoo that often escaped and was found roaming the zoo.-Wikipedia *In 1889 eighteen sea lions are added to the zoo as well as a pool for them. Soon after they escaped and wandered into a nearby restaurant on Clark St. All were returned except one last seen plunging into Lake Michigan. -*From 1904-1930 the small animals house (primates), bird house, and aquarium all opened. In 1930 the aquarium was converted to a reptile house due to the opening of the Chicago Shedd aquarium.*In 1931 a previously orphaned baby lowland gorilla arrived at Lincoln Park Zoo from Africa named Bushman. He was the zoo’s most popular attraction until his death on New years day 1951-* In 1943 Judy the elephant was purchased from the Brookfield Zoo. After refusing to board the truck Judy was walked all the way from Brookfield to Lincoln Park Zoo.*In 1982 antelope, zebra, and wolf attractions as well as the large animal attraction were all opened.-

Evolution of the Zoo:*In The Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868. This occurred due to New York’s Central Park Commissioner donating two swans and their great popularity. -Wikipedia*In 1932 Lincoln Park zoo took in and aided many animals from circuses hurt by the Great Depression.- *In 1934 The Lincoln Park Zoo as well as its park, became park*The Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest free public zoo in the country.-

Judy The Elephant (Also an example of an animal house)

The Bear Cub Adopted in 1874

Bushman The Gorilla

Sea Lion Exibit They Escaped From

The Evolution of the Lincoln Park Zoo


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