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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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Born: February 12, 1809

By: Jose Hernandez

Abraham Lincoln

Died: April 15, 1865

IN Five Words-Strong-Leader-Respect-Great -Good Judgenent

Final FactLincoln is a role model of freedom for this country(U.S.)

Summary On May 18, 1860, in the midst of the nominating battle at the Republican National Convention, four contenders – Lincoln, Seward, Chase and Bates – wait in their hometowns for the results of the balloting in Chicago. Seward, Chase and Bates were political visionaries whose national reputations towered over Lincoln's. When they vied with Lincoln for the presidential nomination and lost, each was astonished at his defeat to this relatively obscure and inexperienced prairie lawyer. Through the 1850s, the four had intertwined with the creation of a sectional Republican party. Each positioned himself to lead the nation. That Lincoln emerges to win the race is the result of character traits forged by life experiences that separated him from his rivals and provided him with advantages that were unrecognized at the time and would prove his political adroitness and eventual greatness

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Quotable QuoteWe need the strongest men of the party in the Cabinet. We needed to hold our own people together. I had looked the party over and concluded that these were the very strongest men. Then I had no right to deprive the country of their services.

Life Lessoni learn that you cant own one, no matter how rich you are



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