[2015] Terrell Benjamin (Nelson 1): Lin Manuel-Miranda

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[2015] Terrell Benjamin (Nelson 1): Lin Manuel-Miranda

Without a doubt his biggest work, Hamilton was worked on for 6 long years before its release to the public at the PUBLIC theatre (off broadway). It all began with Miranda reading a biography after the end of In the Heights. Two chapters in, Miranda thought to himselft "this is a hip hop story" and immediatly began work at a concept album (an album that tells a story) about Alexander Hamilton.

Miranda premiered the album's opener at the white house (pictured below) with acclaim from both viewers from youtube and the President of the United States (he rapped in front of Obama).

He then spent a year writing the show's third song, "My Shot", which took him so long because, in his words, "I had to get inside of the mind".

After 4 long years of work, Miranda finished the show and released it to the public. It was met with critical acclaim and is one of the hottest tickets on and off broadway right now (tickets are sold up to summer of NEXT YEAR).



The Genius

All of his shows derive from the same factor- they are a blend of hip hop and stage. Now, at first this combination may seem to be a improbable and devious impossiblity. But Miranda makes it work.If he didn't, why would he have so many awards?

His Shows

Early Life

Lin started off as the only son of Puerto Rican immigrants. Growing up, he developed a love for hip hop, showtunes and stage.He grew up in a part of New York City specifically housing Puerto Rican families.

Lin Manuel-Miranda has written two full length musicals so far- In the Heights and Hamilton. In the Heights is a musical about Miranda's own personal life growing up in a Puerto Rican part of New York City. Hamilton, as you may have guessed, is his retelling of the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, a primary founding father of the United States, with an all black and latino cast.

Lin Manuel-Miranda


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