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LILY- Presentation Responces

RESPONCESAllie O'Connell- Bessie Smith: Bessie Smith was born into a pour famiy and so later on in her life she left her hometown and joined a traveling show where she sang and was a huge hit and became extreamly famous. Unfourtunatly she got addicted to alcohol and that ended her career and died in a car accident.Davey Hawthorn- Scott Joplin: He effected out lives today by creating amazing music that inspired musicians today. Scott also wrote a book and opened a piano school.Molly Rigney- Pablo Picasso: Great video Molly!Mansur Wisaa- Al Capon:Francesca Frruggio- Dance: Many of the dances of the 1920's were so popular because it took peoples minds of te horrors of war. Most dances today are modeled from ones created from this time period know as the "Dance Craze." The YouTube video really rapped up her topic and was well related to your topic.Kaylee Smith- Robert Frost: Robert Frost never thought that he would amout to anything having grown up on a farm but after his father died at age 11 he went to live with his grandparents and they forced him to go to collage. He ended up going to Harvard but dropped out because he thought the classes were boring. His poems have really impacted our futer because they are still a big part of our literaure today.Cole Murphy- Prohabition: Prohibited poeple from buying, selling, or drinking, alchol. Alot of religios people and women were against alchol because they thought it was the reason for crime in America. But, taking away alchol actaually did the oppisite, raising the crime rate by a very high rate, starting gansters in the U.S.Jack Dailey- Klu Klux Klan: This gang started in the 1920's and unfortuantly still exsists today. Caroline Tobin- Fashion: Things like "the bob" were invened in the 1920's and it is still a hairstyle worn today by many actresses sch as Katie Holmes. Also, Chance Martin- Babe Ruth: Babe Ruth didn't have a very good childhood. He was caught drinking and chewing tobacco on a dock and taunting the police. Then, his parents disided he was to much work for them and sent him off to a private school for boys. Later on in is career he was a member of the Boston Red Sox, then Yankees, creating lots of records, some that still havent been broken today.Cara Wagner- Duke Ellington: Duke was a gifted piano and sax player. He recorded many songs and his music has really effected our music industrie today in a great way and all of his music can still be heard today.Kyle Greenhut- Louis Armstrong: An amazing composer, creating two of the most well known pieces of his time both of wich we still listen to today, What a Wonderful World and Oh When the Saints Go Marching In.Liz Buckly- Traffic lights & Lie Detectors: Started off small and evolved into something much greater that we use today. The traffic light is very important for us today and have saved many lives, creating many less car crashes and making our American roadways a much safer place to drive on.John Ives- Gangsters: Used tommy guns, brass knuckles, and many more wepons of destruction, to get what they want.Hannah O'Grady- Henry Ford: Born July 30th, 1863. Invented Model T and assembly line andby the 1920s over half the carsin America were Model Ts. Now, almost all Americans own cars, thanks to the fast producion of many cars do to Ford's assembly line.John Sabito- Langston Hughes: African American, very good student. He was raised by his maternal grandmother after his parents split when he was much younger. He ended up writing alot of books, plays, and poems. Many of his poems were turned into music, one being The Weary Blues. Also much of his literature was about black people and it heped many white people to begin to understand the pain and trouble African Americans went through at this time. Alot of English teachers still use his poems and novels today.Sig Sandburg- FBI: The video really tied into his prestentation nicely. The FBI is still an organzation today which means it is obviously has a very high sucsess rate.Olivia Gullian- Herbert Hoover: Won by many votes when he ran for president but he ended up not being very sucsessfull in office because he served during the great depression and most Americans blamed him for not doing anyhting to stop it. When he ran for president again no one voted for him becausehe was such fail the first time.Steven Zanbruski- Lie Detector & Rocket:



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