Lily M., Lilia, Madelyn, and Ciana

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Lily M., Lilia, Madelyn, and Ciana

Constantiople was a good trade route . It was an ancient Byzantian capital, the present day city of Istantoul. It was originally called Byzantium until the Roman Empire Constantine made it capital of the Roman Empire. It was founded in 324 A.D. It was named after the Roman Emipire Constantine.It collapsed in 1923 and is now replaced by Turkey.


Exploration Report

He was born in Tenochilitlan, around 1466. His wife had three children,Isabel Moctezuma, Tlaltecatrin, and Chimalpopoca. Hewas Mayan King, one of the world's most absolute, most powerful, certainly one of the richest. It was in 1517 that the emperor first got the news that strangers had landed on the coast. On November 8th 1519, Cortes and Montecuhzoma met. As the next few months passed by, he was used and imprisoned by the Spanish as the conquest progressed. He died in 1520 during a battle with the Spanish, through the exact cause of his death is a matter of disagreement.


Christopher Columbus arrived at the island in 1492. It was the first sight of land for Christopher Columbuson his first voyage in 1492. It was the first sighting of the new world.By 1550 the Taino people were close to extinction. It is an island in the present day Bahamas. BY 1550 the Taino People were close to extinction.


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Samuel De Champlain


LCLNEWS Ciana, Lilia, Lily, & Madelyn

In 1603 Samuel De Champlain sailed to France. Champlain was "The Father of New France". He was a navagator, cartographer, draughtsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethrologist, diplomat, and chronicler. He founded New France and Quebec city on July 3, 1608. He was born on July 3 1567 and died on December 25, 1635.

Beginning in the late 1500s, the Catholic Missionaries traveled throughout the borderlands to build missions. A member of a religious group sent into an area to do evangelism of service such as education, literacy, social justice, health care, and economic development. The Spanish Missionaries taught Christianity to Native Peoples.



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