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By Lillian Sims

Sage Blackwood

- She lives at the edge of a large forest- She lives with an old dog-She enjoys carpentry, cooking, and walkingin the woods of New York State- She has Written Jinx and Jinx's magic

Jinx is a boy that lives in the Urwald.He snaps at his friends Elfwyn and Reven,and he knows a little magic. He can also see people's thoughts through clouds of color.

Simon is a cranky wizard who is particularly good at cooking, in Jinx's opinion. He is an enemy of Samara and his wife Sofie fights withy him alot.He is wounded from a battle in Samara and he doesnot like the Bonemaster.

In the beginning, Jinx was in the Urwald. Then, Jinx was in Simon's house, and he traveled to Samara. He got angry at Simon, so he was in the Urwald again. He stayed at the Bonemaster's house, but then,simon came and took Jinx to his house in the end.

"You can't if you think you can't" - Simon

"You idiot!" - Simon

Book Review:Jinx is a great book about a boy'sadventures in the Urwald.He lived withhis step-parents until he was six, and moved in with the cranky wizard Simon Magus. After Jinx loses his ability to see peoples thoughts, he runs away from Simon, and meets Elfwyn and Reven. They travel through the Urwald to the evil Bonemaster's castle. Jinx thinks the Bonemaster will give him his magic back, as well as lift his friend's curses. I love this book because it's not a slow read, and every page you turn, is Action! When Jinx fell off of Bonesocket, I almost jumped right off my chair! Jinx by Sage Blackwood needs the Mock Newbery Award.


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